Interior Design

Bespoke Interior Design

Inspiring you with endless possibilities, we endeavour to achieve your ideas, enhancing the proposed dynamic of your home through presenting proposals, physical concept board and computer aided design. Our interior designers will work with your routine, lifestyle, and ergonomics within the home to create a functional,practical, and innovative space, that’s built to last. With creative expression we will explore your home, your needs and implement them to adapt your style. Bespoke individual interiors are integral to GDL and we want you to enjoy the creative journey, as your home is a reflection of you.

Our Commitment to You

Our exceptionally skilled designers are experts at putting you first. A home is created with love and individuality for which our designers are your partners. They will create an interior palette of your design and scope with your personalised ‘home’ touches.
Their scope includes the selection of all finishes and fixtures, from bathroom, cabinetry design, kitchen, window designs, lighting, furniture, art and accessories Our team understands every home and project differs and they will take on your brief and defined details to the core.
At the start of every project, our designers will meet with you to build a professional working relationship and we will establish a budget and define your vision.
We will ensure your home will be custom tailored to your space and needs to create comfort, function and style.

Our Commitment To The Envoirment
GDL London recognises its responsibility to current and future generations for its role in the preservation of our global environment.
Therefore, we will always strive to reduce our environmental impact, improve energy efficiency and promote recycled or reusable materials as much as possible, in order to create healthy spaces. We will carefully select and work with suppliers that provide sustainable products and offer services that support social equity and economic development.